Seeing as how he never gave us a concrete release date when he announced his forthcoming Beautiful Rewind album, UK artist Four Tet seems to be biding his time sharing bits of his next full-length until it suddenly appears on retailers’ shelves. We heard its first leak, the challenging “Kool FM,” back in July, then we were treated to a nice mini-documentary about the artist born Kieran Hebden last week, and now, we have another new track from Beautiful Rewind, the patient “Parallel Jalebi.” With a vocal sample that—as one SoundCloud commenter aptly pointed out—is pleasingly reminiscent of Orbital’s “Halcyon On and On” (not to mention his own “Angel Echoes”), Hebden’s latest tune rides a very linear path, gliding along its motorik, arpeggiating bassline while a simple beat and some breathy coos fill out its edges. “Parallel Jalebi” isn’t mind-blowing, but it certainly has its moments of beauty.