Hendrik Weber (a.k.a. Pantha Du Prince) has shared “”Frau Im Mond, Sterne Laufen,”” the full song that he has made available from his much-anticipated upcoming album, The Triad. It premiered this morning via NPR’s Songs We Love.

The track, the title of which translates to “”Woman In Moon, Stars Racing,”” begins with characteristically beautiful shimmering ambience and seemingly scattered bits of percussion that coalesce into an addictive, ecstatic beat. The mysterious arpeggiated synth line that emerges from the ether is representative of Weber’’s experiments with analog synthesizers throughout the album.

The Triad is out May 20, and The Winter Hymn EP is out now on Rough Trade. It is the first Pantha Du Prince solo album since 2010’’s breakout Black Noise, and can be pre-ordered here.


1. The Winter Hymn (feat. Queens)
2. You What? Euphoria!
3. Frau im Mond, Sterne Laufen
4. In An Open Space (feat. Queens)
5. Chasing Vapour Trails (feaet. Joachim Schultz & Kassian von Troyer)
6. Lichterschmaus
7. Dream Yourself Awake
8. Lions Love (feat. Joachim)
9. Islands In The Sky
10. Wallflower for Pale Saints