Up next on Vaagner is The Warmest Hum, a various artist compilation that embraces the cassette’s sonic attributes, showcasing a wealth of individuals who have embraced the medium through their creative output.

One such individual is Michel Isorinne, who has always been a purveyor of the cassette, releasing his first three solo albums as well as most of his collaborative releases with Varg as D.A.R.F.D.H.S. on the medium. “Septembermorgon” displays his talent for composing tender compositions that are imbedded in the tape’s sonic characteristics, elevating the work’s fragile nature while adding warmth to the work.

This will be Vaagner’s 10th release. The Berlin label aims to track down illusive cassette releases and work with the artists behind the music to have it remastered and released on vinyl, making the music available to a new audience that may not normally have come into contact with the cassette release. The reissues feature full cover artwork, a printed insert, and a download code—which often marks the first proper digital edition for the release.

The Warmest Hum is out today, available physically as a triple cassette and digitally as a free download here, with “Septembermorgon” streaming below. 


A1. Isorinne “Septembermorgon”

A2. Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet “Varsel

A3. øjeRum “Grenen På Traeet, Traeet På Bjerget” 

B1. Korea Undok Group “The Spur”

B2. SPRRW “Find Me in the Pond at Night”

B3. Mor “Untitled”

C1. Machinefabriek “Became”

C2. Fortunes Brine “Grytviken”

C3. Moss Harvest “Copper Arc”

C4. Crisis Actor “Untitled”

D1. Crosspolar “Intermission 4: Tundra” (Ambient Version)

D2. Sequences “Molten Magnetic Material”

D3. Venetian Roses “And I Will Not Tire You” (Feat. Alethe)

D4. Burning Pyre “Perfume”

E1. Autumn Pool “First Recital”

E2. Anthéne “Replacing The Memories”

E3. Stijn Hüwels “Badkamerlicht”

F1. Theodore Cale Schaefer “Midwest”

F2. White Stains “Illusions of Safety”

F3. Vera Dvale “Võttev”