Laurence Guy debuts on Studio Barnhus today, releasing Making Music Is Bad For Your Self Esteem.  

The mini-album connects the dots between the lo-fi ambient investigations of his 2017 debut album, Saw You For The First Time, the warm club sounds heard on All I See Is Her, last year’s 12” for Tokyo’s Mule Music, and his roots in deep drum & bass and dubstep soil. We’re told that these roots now appear more explicitly than ever, boosting the typically graceful harmonies and sooty samples of the London artist’s music with a “new, profound energy.” It’s said to be Guy’s most experimental and most personal record so far. 


01. Wildlife  

02. Missing In Reaction  

03. I Have The Feeling I’ve Been Here Before  

04. My Brain Is A Scrambled Egg  

05. Are You Fine?  

06. It’s Good To Try

In support of the six-tracker, out today, you can stream opener “Wildlife” in full via the player below, with order here