Jon Hopkins‘ excellent Immunity LP (which we deemed the best record of 2013) continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. Well over a year on from its release, not only does the album still stand up as a fine listen, but the record has also given way to its own Asleep Versions EP, and provided material for a number of quality remixes, including a new one from UK producer—and recent Domino signing—George FitzGerald (pictured above).

Taking on Immunity standout “Open Eye Signal,” FitzGerald reshapes Hopkins’ original into a more dancefloor-aimed affair, fitting the tune’s darker textures between a steady four-on-the-floor while adding an array of pulsing synths and a slightly growling bassline to the procession. FitzGerald’s “Open Eye Signal” remix will see a digital release tomorrow (February 14), but can currently be streamed in full via the player below.