The next edition in Solar One Music‘s Hubble Telescope Series is being handled by Heinrich Mueller and The Exaltics.

Following on from a contribution to the series earlier this year by Gerard Hanson as E.R.P., German imprint Solar One Music has announced that Heinrich Mueller (a.k.a. Gerald Donald of Drexciya) and The Exaltics will handle the third and final chapter in their tributary series to the Hubble Telescope. Together, the two electro acts will present a new endeavor entitled Project STS-31—a name that references the launch of the telescope itself.

The EP features contributions by both artists under various different guises. According to the label, we should expect “nothing but contemplative and cosmic electro beats using original outer-space sounds from the Universe.” As part of the bonus CD package, there will be five additional cuts provided.

Spiralgalaxie will be released on September 5, and can be pre-ordered now at Solar One Music’s Bandcamp (where 100 limited edition box sets featuring T-shirts, posters and more can also be pre-ordered). Stream snippets of all the tracks below.

A1. Project STS-31 “Spiralgalaxie”
A2. The Exaltics “NGC 253”
A3. Heinrich Mueller “Adaptive Optics”
A4. Robert Heise “Stars, Gases and Dust”
B1. Der Zyklus “Ionospheric Delay”
B2. Project STS-31 “50,000 Light-Years Away”
B3. Rudolf Klorzeiger “Globular Cluster”
B4. Crotaphytus “Diving Through the Oceans of GJ 1214 b”

CD Bonus:
09. Project STS-31 “Density Waves”
10. The Exaltics “Messier 81”
11. Project STS-31 “The Supermassive Black Hole”
12. Robert Heise “The Survey of the Entire Sky”
13. Der Zyklus “Ionospheric Delay” (Extended Alternate Bonus Version)