Helena Hauff has delivered a mix for Tresor‘s Kern series, lashing together a sound world with a potent barrage of industrial dance music.

Hauff’s contribution is the series’ fifth instalment following Objekt in 2016 and DJ Stingray in 2017. Settling into a swift 150bpm groove, Hauff ploughs through electro, ghetto bumps, and grizzled techno.

The mix features exclusive tracks from Hauff & Morah, Umwelt, Machino, Galaxian, and L.F.T., plus rare titles such as the late Curley Schoop’s “Mayhem” as Esoterik, “City Of Boom” by DJ Godfather & DJ Starski, and “After Dark” produced by Andrea Parker and David Morley.

The release lands as a double-CD, and there’ll be a triple-vinyl release with all exclusive tracks plus exclusive photography and a mix download.


01. Esoterik “Mayhem”
02. Mononom “Shrinking”
03. Jaquarius “Metamine”
04. Slaves Of Sinus “Chaos (And Me)”
05. Galaxian “Private Tyranny”
06. Blackmass Plastics “Holy Handgrenade”
07. Volruptus “We Are The Cyborgs”
08. Animistic Beliefs “An Eye For A.I.”
09. Paul Blackford “Dance Yourself To Death”
10. DJ Godfather & DJ Starski “City Of Boom”
11. Dirty Hospital “The General”
12. Galaxian “Glasgow To Detroit”
13. SolarX “Bionic Man”
14. The Advent “Work Dat”
15. O-Wells “Park Jit”
16. Privacy “Go”
17. Morah & Hauff “Segment 3”
18. Somatic Responses “Open Window”
19. Nasenbluten “Intellectual Killer”
20. Subtopia “The Mob Rules” (Umwelt Remix)
21. L.F.T. “Data Move”
22. Q.D.T ”Untitled”
23. Machino “Ministerio”
24. SC-164 “Telegraph”
25. Shedbug “Sibelle”
26. L.F.T. “Nucleon”
27. Exzakt “Madrid Nights”
28. Umwelt “Starless Night”
29. Shinra “Pinwheel”
30. Maarten van der Vleuten “Internaut”
31. Andrea Parker & David Morley “After Dark”

Kern Vol.5 is out on vinyl and CD on June 19. Meanwhile, you can stream L.F.T.’s “Data Move” in full below.