Helena Hauff has shared a mix to mark the release of Have You Been There, Have You Seen It, her latest EP which lands today via Ninja Tune.

The mix is an amazing set of electro gems for Solid Steel, which was broadcast via NTS last night and is now available to stream in full below.

Hauff describes the mix as “a small selection of feel-good electronic sounds from the heart of gentrified Hamburg.”

Meanwhile, you can also stream “Gift,” taken from the EP, below.


01.The Pulse Projects “Black Catalogue Rituals”
02.Damcase ‎”PI03.1″
03. Datasmok “004”
04.I-F ‎”Lost Tracks For Lost Minds”
05. The Exaltics “Leave The Ship Now!!!”
06. V_3.378 “Gateway”
07. Cestrian “Hearse”
08. Adapta “Kord Port”
09. Q-Chip “Pleasure Anxiety”
10. Hieroglyphica “Atomic”
11. One Day In Metropia “Homeless” (Credit 00 Rmx)
12. Volruptus “Alien Transmission”
13. N.F.D. “Robot”
14. Exterminador “Aboriginal Nations”
15. Lowfish “Bitter”
16. Subhead “021”
17. Helena Hauff “Continuez Mon Enfant Vous Serez Traité En Conséquence”