Last week, Helena Hauffrevealed details of her upcoming debut album on Werkdiscs. Now, word has come that the Hamburg-based producer and Golden Pudel resident is starting a new label, Return to Disorder. In an interview with Juno Plus, she says the outlet will bring together “psych rock and techno,” with a self-titled EP from Leicester band Children of Leir serving as the imprint’s inaugural release in early July.

“I saw this band Cherry Choke live in Berlin, really enjoyed the gig and kept in touch with them, and when one of them started a new project, Children of Leir, I just really loved their stuff and decided that I wanted to release it,” she explains. Morah will deliver the label’s second release, and some of Hauff’s own material is expected to make an appearance sooner or later. For now, Children of Leir’s “Elixer” can be streamed in full below, where we’ve also included the EP’s complete tracklist.

A1 Shapes Of Sleep
A2 Drowned In Fear
B1 Seed Of Doubt
B2 Elixir