Earlier this year, Miami-based producer Helix released the first official EP under his DJ Vague alias, the Porsche Trax EP, a three-track effort which landed via Australia’s Templar Sound label. Now, the Night Slugs affiliate has revealed plans to return to his techno-rooted alter-ego on a new EP for DJ Haus’ Unknown to the Unknown imprint. The simply titled Hard Workin’ Trax EP will again offer three DJ Vague productions, focusing on driving drum-machine rhythms and sparse synth work. As of now, the label has not shared any audio previews for the forthcoming effort, but Hard Workin’ Trax‘s artwork and tracklist can be found below before the EP sees its official release on August 11.

01 Hard Workin’ Trax 1
02 Hard Workin’ Trax 2
03 Hard Workin’ Trax 3