Photo by Robin Christian

Luke Younger (a.k.a Helm) will return to PAN with an eight-track album titled Chemical Flowers.

Chemical Flowers is inspired by life in the Essex countryside. Life in such a rural setting saw Younger working with an array of fragmented, disassociated sound sources, and build upon 2015’s Olympic Mess LP, also via PAN. We’re told that it shares a similarly inclined vision of the urban environment but makes reference to paradoxical notions of authenticity and creative practice by way of questioning the structures around us. Collages are assembled and dismantled, temporal and spatial boundaries fluctuate, and movement is an overarching theme.

The album features string parts arranged and recorded by JG Thirlwell. Additional cello is played by Lucinda Chua and saxophone by Karl D’Silva. The album is mastered by Rashad Becker and features artwork by Johannes Schnatmann.

Younger’s latest album, Rawabet, surfaced last year on his own Alter label. 


01. Capital Crisis (New City Loop) (04:02)

02. I Knew You Would Respond (03:33)

03. Body Rushes (03:34)

04. Leave Them All Behind (06:45)

05. Lizard In Fear (04:00) 

06. Toxic Racecourse (05:32)

07. You Are The Database (06:15) 

08. Chemical Flowers (04:50)

Chemical Flowers LP lands May 17, with pre-order here and a stream of “I Knew You Would Respond” below.