The day before he and his wife were set to move across the country to New York, Seattle producer/sound designer Rafael Anton Irisarri (a.k.a. The Sight Below) woke up to his worst nightmare, the U-Haul truck into which he and his spouse had packed all of their belongings—including $50,000 worth of studio equipment—was stolen. Now, the Ghostly label has launched a campaign to help Irisarri begin to rebuild his studio and get back to making music. To raise funds, the label has launched an Indiegogo campaign which offers a number of intriguing packages to those who contribute, such as vinyl and CD bundles, access to The Sight Below’s full Ghostly catalog, and—for one person with $2,000 to spare—a remix from Telefon Tel Aviv’s Joshua Eustis. To find out more about Irisarri’s unfortunate situation and to contribute to his rebuilding effort, head here.