The obsessive dollar-bin diggers of lighthearted, sample-heavy dance jam duo Javelin have a brand-new project in the works. Following last year’s highly enjoyable No Más LP, the Canyon Candy 10″ is an offering of songs apparently inspired by American frontier life, which will also double as the soundtrack for an “epic internet western” that Javelin and director Mike Anderson need your help to create. Describing the project, the crew’s Kickstarter page states, “Part poem, part play, a modern silent film wholly created on a soundstage…Canyon Candy will employ old studio western methods such as rear-projection, dioramas, and scenic matte painting to create a stunningly unorthodox visual rendering of the American West.” We’re not sure about you, but we’d love to see what that ends up looking like. So, if you feel inclined to help, you can head over here to donate to the project, for which you will be rewarded with any number of excellent items—like the official Canyon CandyPlay Button, a DVD of the film, a chance to be chauffeured around NYC by Javelin, a private performance from Javelin, Executive Producer credits, and more. To learn more about the music and the flim, watch the trailer below. (via Altered Zones)

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