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NYC-based annual art/music/culture digest K48 is gearing up for its latest issue, a massive book filled with articles, images, and sounds called ABRAK48DABRA. Its many pages will feature a variety of underground artists, an interview with Salem, and a mix CD of music from Blondes, Brenmar, Nguzunguzu, Light Asylum, Salem, Teengirl Fantasy, and many others. But there’s a problem: Publisher Scott Hug needs your help to actually produce his book. Using the newfangled money-raising hub Kickstarter, Hug is asking for lovers of good stuff everywhere to pledge anywhere from $10 to beyond $5000 to help him reach his goal. People who contribute to the fundraising will score items like a Polaroid zine by Hug, an issue of the limited ABRAK48DABRA book, a special-edition Simpsons sculpture by Hug, a Josh McNey poster, and so many other awesome pieces of art both large and small. Hug’s goal is to raise $12000 in a little over a month. You can head over here to learn more about the K48 Kickstarter foundation, watch the promotional video up top, and check out ABRAK48DABRA‘s accompanying CD (compiled and mixed by BOOKWMRZ) below.

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01. Ayshay – Jemsheed
02. Teengirl Fantasy – Cheaters
03. Work TVK – PHNTM PWR
04. Brenmar – Paper Running
05. Blondes – Rude Boy
07. Realness – Fade Shade
08. Unsolved Mysteries – Blood
09. Escandalo – Nocturning
10. Light Asylum – 12 Horsemen
11. Mirror Mirror – Nau Sau Ser Bil
12. Prayer Town – Super Predator (Live)
13. House of Ladosha – Witches of Bushwick
14, Salem – Las House Onna Lef
15. Ayshay – Shaytan