RS94109 is a record store located in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district and doubles as a cultural event space for raw experimental music and independent artists. The home of Dark Entries Records, RS is focused on “serving the Bay Area underground music community through independent distribution and hosted events.” Originally closing their doors this past May for renovations, the record store hoped to improve the space’s layout with a coffee bar, new floor, new record racks, DJ booth, listening stations and new counters.

The record store has unfortunately fallen short of its budget to complete these additional renovations and desperately wants to open itself back up to the public. Having previously hosted amazing acts such as Adam X, Mike Servito, Ben UFO, Ital, Powell, and many more, please contribute to their Kickstarter if you have a few pennies to spare. Help to make sure that this one-of-a-kind venue/record store can continue to host top-notch acts in the Bay Area and distribute music that is seldom found anywhere else.

With a surplus of dope rewards for backers and only three-thousand dollars short of their goal, help contribute to their Kickstarter Campaign by going here