Berlin techno mainstays Henning Baer (pictured above) and Milton Bradley will release a split EP via their collaborative K209 label in September. The A Shared Objective EP will serve as the imprint’s fourth release, and will contain three new productions from Baer (who also heads up Berlin’s Grounded Theory label/club night) alongside a pair of new tracks from Bradley (who also heads a label of his own, Do Not Resist the Beat!). The upcoming split effort is said to showcase each producer’s knack for “merging multiple experimental, industrial, and traditional electronic forms,” resulting in a record that “builds in intensity and tempo over five tracks, ultimately feeling like the ideal vinyl representation of a well-paced Grounded Theory club night. “

A Shared Objective will see its official release on September 1. In the meantime, the forthcoming record’s artwork and tracklist have been included below.

A1 Henning Baer – 14VAC
A2 Henning Baer – Sleeper
A3 Henning Baer – Duality
B1 Milton Bradley – Divergence
B2 Milton Bradley – Beat 992