Photo | Ben Wolf

Between Buttons has released a live piano collaboration from Henrik Schwarz and Norway’s Bugge Wesseltoft, titled In Spite of Everything.

At the heart of the record, which spans one track at five minutes in length, is improvisation—”technology and the joy of playing often meet and beautiful creations are formed,” the label explains.

The pair recorded it during a live concert at Berlin’s Radialsystem, playing opposite each other on two grand pianos. Wesseltoft played one of these, and the second is a so-called player piano, in which the keys are driven by motors and which Schwarz controls in real time with a computer program written especially for this piece. The program is highly reactive and sensitive, creating a sparkling piano duet of pulsating energy and wild dynamics.

Following the record on March 6 will be a club version with extra bass, kick drum, and strings, coming via Sunday-Music, the label Schwarz runs with Klas Lindblad. Pre-order is available here, and there is a full stream below.

Schwarz launched Between Buttons in 2017 as a platform for his neo-classical sounds.


01. In Spite Of Everything

The acoustic version of In Spite of Everything is available now. Meanwhile, you can view a video of the live performance below.