Spanish producer Henry Saiz—who was responsible for one of our Top Downloads of 2014—will issue one more effort before the year comes to a close, with his We Drown Together EP set to land on Last Night on Earth next week. A three-track record, the EP will serve as Saiz’s second release for the label this year, having kicked off Last Night on Earth’s 2014 run with his It’s Not Over EP in February.

Serving as our first taste of the forthcoming record is its title track, “We Drown Together,” a characteristically dense Saiz production which, over the course of its eight minutes, teases an array of reverb-soaked melodies out from beneath its slithering bassline and loosely shuffling rhythms. The “We Drown Together” track can be streamed in full below, where the complete tracklist from Saiz’s upcoming EP of the same name can also be found before the effort sees an official release on December 22 via Last Night on Earth.

1. We Drown Together
2. Mask
3. Sangre Azul