Photo: Selez Alta

Not long after releasing his Instant Broadcast LP on Delsin, Italian producer Hervè Atsè Corti (a.k.a. Herva) will return with a new 12″ on All City next month. In keeping with previous outings, the upcoming six-track EP is said to run a broad stylistic gamut—from the “sample-based, broken-beat leanings” of title track “How to Mind Your Own” to the “frenetic techno” of “Pressure Bumps” and “melodic, Aphex-style vibes” of “She Is.”

How to Mind Your Own is expected to drop in February, and while no exact release date has been shared as of yet, EP clips and a complete tracklist can be found below.

A1. How to Mind Your Own
A2. Pressure Bumps
A3. She Is
B1. Dynamic Image
B2. No Money No Honey
B3. Antiloudness War Manifesto (Tape 2)