HHNOI has released Notes Against the Current via Ninth World Recordings.

HHNOI’s music is like an evolving soundtrack, with harmonies and melodies. The album was completely patched and composed on a modular synth. Since there‚Äôs no technical possibility to edit or save the music, most of the tracks are more or less unique live recordings, with the modular acting as a canvas for moods and memories being reflected in the moment of patching the tracks.


01. Done, set
02. Wet
03. Weight
04. While you stop breathing
05. Creep und Frieden
06. Split ends
07. Too soon
08. Wohlen
09. Then leaves

To coincide with the release, HHNOI has offered up “Wet” as one of today’s free downloads. Grab it now via the WeTransfer button below.