Pioneering Chicago DJ/producer Jamal Moss (a.k.a. Hieroglyphic Being) has announced he will to return to Planet Mu this fall with a new album. Comprising of nine remastered tracks from the Mathematics founder’s vast back catalog, The Seer of Cosmic Visions LP will appear under the new moniker Hieroglyphic Being and the Configurative or Modular Me Trio, and is said to offer “psychedelic blowouts,” “relaxing gaseous drones,” and “woozy tribal funk.”

Slated for release on October 7, the album follows Moss’ appearance on the label last year as Interplanetary Prophets, his collaborative project with Daniel Martin-McCormack (a.k.a. Ital). No audio previews are available as of yet, but the tracklist and artwork for The Seer of Cosmic Visions have been included below. In addition, Hieroglyphic Being’s past In the Studio feature can be read here.

01The Seer Of Cosmic Visions
02 How Wet Is Ur Box
03 Space Is The Place
04 Letters From The Edge
05 A Genre Sonique
06 The Human Experience
07 134340 Pluto
08 Calling Planet Earth
09 Strange Signs In The Sky