The most recent FACT mix comes from a man of many names and many influences—so many, in fact, that the DJ/producer was allowed nearly three hours to show them off. Hieroglyphic Being (a.k.a. Jamal Moss, I.B.M., IAMTHATIAM, The Sun God) recorded his lengthy mix back in March at the Musicbox in Lisbon, but has only just unveiled it today. The Chicagoan artist rolls through what seems like every sound imaginable, weaving together strands of stark percussion, noise, tribal chanting, house, and nearly everything in between. As an artist, radio host at WNUR, and label boss at Mathematics Recordings, Hieroglyphic Being has a talent for navigating diverse sounds with superior control, which he deftly showcases in his truly epic FACT mix. There’s no tracklist available, but you can absorb its myriad influences here.