The early-to-mid-’90s was a great time for hip-hop–especially in the realm of fashion. Who could forget the oversized denim with Timberlands? But hip-hop style has developed in many different ways throughout the years (see one gold tooth as opposed to grills), in ways that have ultimately become adorned with larger fits, more colors, and a much higher price tag (with the exception of the white tee). But if one hip-hop ensemble has managed to retain the vibe of old-school hip-hip flavor, it’s been Oakland’s Hieroglyphics collective.

Founded by Del tha Funky Homosapien, Hieroglyphics has achieved legendary status in the indie hip-hop game. Now, the collective is taking its mission one step further with a new clothing line–Hiero Jeans. With just about every mainstream rapper selling everything from energy drinks to sweat suits, it was only a matter of time before the underground troop had its way with fashion.

Hiero’s co-owner and conceptual designer Casual aims to bring back the spirit of the ‘90s with sturdy denim, loose-fits that, according to a press release, “prevent the dreaded ‘drag’ that wearers constantly battle with other jeans.” Awesome.

Whether or not Hiero’s mission is really bent on denim-utility or capitalizing on vintage hip-hop style remains to be seen, but indie kids will presumably be psyched given the popularity of “Hiero Face” tees.

The men’s-only line will be available online in August and available internationally in boutiques and retail chains shortly after.

For more information go to Hiero Jeans.