Blame it on Brangelina’s presence at Banksy’s Barely Legal exhibition last September, Neck Face’s foray into the gallery scene, or even Claw Money’s overpriced fashion line, but street art–at least a large portion of it–is no longer the stuff of train yards at midnight and other dark places of the urban netherworld.

The latest proof of this? Scottish Heritage, charged with preserving its nation’s historical landmarks, supportsThe Graffiti Art Project, a multi-day event in which Brazilian street-art masters Os Gemos, Nina, and Nunca join forces with local talent to cover the south side of Kelburn Castle with, yup, graffiti. Said artists will work on the collective project for 30 days, marrying historic preservation with an art form once run by street gangs. Even if it’s weird, you have to give ’em props for the most creative interpretation of mainstream graffiti to date. Shame about the castle though.

The Graffiti Art Project begins May 12, 2007 at Kelburn Castle, Glasgow, Scotland.
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