John Talabot‘s Hivern Discs label is set to release a new EP from Margot.

The release, a four-tracker, consists of two original cuts—namely “Moderno” and “Apple S”—with two remixes of the title track by Marc Piñol. The former was produced in 2003, several years before the label was born, while “Apple S” was completed much more recently. Both remixes manage to give two new functional dimensions to the track as well as adding an emotional spin.

The vinyl comes wrapped in a sleeve with original photographs by Anna Meléndez and design by Alicia Carrera.


A1. Moderno
A2. Moderno (Marc Piñol Morning Remix)
B1. Moderno (Marc Piñol Acid Remix)
B2. Apple S

Moderno EP is scheduled for June 9 release, with the title track streamable in full via the player above.