Brooklyn’s HOMAGE Records has teamed up with Umbro to help in addressing mental health issues in the music industry.

The partnership helped HOMAGE launch HOMAGE FC, an NYC-based football club in the Bowery Premier co-ed league, which will provide an outlet for artists to find physical and mental release. The label will also be selling the official rave-inspired Umbro x HOMAGE FC collaboration jerseys through its Bandcamp page, with all profits going towards supporting the musicians and DJs that are so deeply affected during this time. The “Fútbol es Música” long-sleeve Umbro jersey, designed by Italian designer Superexpresso, is a nod to seminal rave aesthetics and NYC iconography that helped define the very scene that’s hanging on so dearly at this moment.

The collaboration with Umbro will be part of a sustained effort by HOMAGE to find new ways for artists and music lovers to express themselves through opportunities that assist in balancing their health.

You can purchase the jersey here.