Honey Owens could hardly get her paws in more projects. She’s already a member of Valet, Miracles Club, Nudge, and god knows what else. Her latest endeavor with friends Adam Forkner (White Rainbow, Rob Walmart) and Eva Saelens (Inca Ore), however, is a bit less inspired. We Like Cats is influenced by “cats, space cats, basketball cats, fine home cooking and high-quality local/organic/sustainable food restaurants, Lee Perry, King Tubby, Malcom McLaren, Horace Andy, Sister Nancy, Augustus Pablo, Alpha & Omega, Sade, and Rob Walmart,” says the band. And if you’re thinking it sounds as mish-mashy as their description reads, you’re right. Presented (nearly) without comment is “Money Dubby Money,” off the band’s forthcoming album, Proper Eats, expected soon on Marriage Records.