Bill Kouligas’ PAN will release the debut album of Honour, Àlàáfía.

Honour is an anonymous act who previously released two mixtapes on PAN which sold out very quickly.

They may or may not have grown up in the United States, making beats with a cousin who sang in a church band; they might have toured as a roadie with platinum-selling R&B outfit Pretty Ricky; they could have sold their life story to children’s book author C.S. Adler; and maybe they ended up stationed in London, working as a runner on music promos.

Àlàáfía is dedicated to Honour’s late grandmother, and the title track began to take form after their last embrace and remains steeped in her influence and spirit.

Sonically, it brushes “the darker hues of blues, hip-hop, free jazz, ambient, gospel with Christian mythology, and Yoruba folklore.”

As cinematic as it is painterly, Àlàáfíà is a “meditation on themes of life, death and love” that pulls inspiration from the casual conversations, field recordings, literature, ephemera, or personal archives.

“The ghosts that sit on the artist’s shoulders have never been more tangible than with this emotive debut,” the Berlin label says.


01. Hosanna (Greeting2MYPPL) (Meridian)
02. First Born (Redeemed)
03. When Angels Speak of Love
04. dubbleUpptown (La Rocque)
05. W-I-S (Above Every Other)
06. Pistol Poem (Lead Belly)
07. Whip Appeal V6 (PIPN8EZ)
08. Seven Trumpets
09. Giz’aard ($uckets)
10. Helpmeet (Iyadunni)
11. FLIR2A
12. U&Me (decemberseventeen)
14. Àlàáfía (Cita’s World)

Àlàáfía LP is scheduled for November 3 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “U&Me (decemberseventeen)” in full via the player below.