Horo has announced two new EPs and welcomed a new artist, Lemna. who will collaborate with an artist who has become integral to the Horo sound, Sam KDC.

Together, Lemna and Sam KDC are Ourea, and Ourea I is an amalgamation of their two very singular approaches to electronic music. Polyrhythmic experimental techno with tribal rhythms that often operate at two different tempos at the same time.

The second EP comes from Sam KDC who makes his first solo appearance on the newly relaunched Horo label with Feardom EP. Sam KDC presents once again intense, hypnotic, versatile techno with an EP that follows on perfectly from his Psychic Dirt EP for Samurai Red Seal.


Ourea I

A1 / 1. Deception at Mekone
A2 / 2. Dysnomia
B1 / 3. Adamantine Sickle
B2 / 4. From Chaos Came Erebus


A1 / 1. Feardom
A2 / 2. Graven Image
B1 / 3. Pyramid
B2 / 4. Burning Effigy

Ourea I and Feardom EPs are scheduled for August 25 release.