Horse Meat Disco will soon release their debut single, titled “Waiting For You To Call.”

Horse Meat Disco is a UK-based DJ collective formed of James Hillard, Jim Stanton, Luke Howard, and Severino Panzetta. Together, they’ve been have been running their popular queer party for 14 years and have also put out a series of compilations. Via their label, which opened in 2009, they have released four EPs of disco edits, and are soon set to release their first original recording, “Waiting For You To Call.”

The single sees the group work with various collaborators, including Darren Morris, ROY INC, and Luke Solomon—who provides additional production.

The release will arrive as a one-track, single-sided record and as a limited three-track 12″ with alternate versions.


A. Waiting For You To Call feat. ROY INC

“Waiting For You To Call” is scheduled for June 30 release, with samples available here.