Arguably the founders of dubstep, Horsepower Productions have garnered the respect of the electronic music community ever since their debut, In Fine Style, was released back in 2002. Now, eight years later, as the genre they pioneered continues to expand and explode, it is only right that Horsepower Productions have a new album to offer. Appropriately named, Quest For the Sonic Bounty, will feature nine tracks from the crew comprised of Matt HP (a.k.a. Lev Jnr), Nassis, Jay King, and Benny Ill. Be on the look-out for what is their first proper album since 2004 via their long standing label Tempa on November 29.

1. Rain
2. Mexican Slayride
3. 22
4. Water
5. Kingstep (LP Version)
6. 18th Special
7. Damn It (Extended LP Version)
8. Lee Perry: Exercising (Horsepower Remix)
9. Poison Wine

“Damn It” (12″ Version)