Phase Fatale will release his debut LP on Hospital Productions.

Phase Fatale is the techno project of Berlin-based DJ and producer Hayden Payne. Originally from New York, Payne explored the post-punk/coldwave world through various projects over the course of a decade. Started in 2014, Phase Fatale served as an outlet for his own interpretation of darker and industrial-fused techno. Defined by rigid drum programming, cutting synthesizers, and bleak samples, he has created a sound imprint that has transformed into a new electronic identity.

Phase Fatale has performed heavily throughout the world with his extended DJ sets and cathartic live performances. He released two EPs in 2016 on Jealous God and presented a live collaboration with Silent Servant during the label’s showcase at Berlin Atonal. These events were followed up with an EP on Unterton, the sub-label of Berghain’s imprint Ostgut Ton. Released to coincide with his regular appearances at the Berlin nightclub, the Anubis 12’’ continues to delve into Payne’s penchant for combining post-industrial textures with techno rhythms.

Hospital Productions will now release Phase Fatale’s first full-length album, Redeemer, along with an extended mix 12’’ of edits created together with Silent Servant. Payne describes Redeemer as a deeply “personal piece,” that is a “techno album, but one that is refreshingly punk.”


01. Spoken Ashes
02. Operate Within
03. Human Shield
04. Interference
05. Order Of Severity
06. Beast
07. Redeemer

Redeemer is scheduled for October 13 release.