London’s five-piece dance outfit Hot Chip take to the mixing board for !K7’s latest release in its DJ Kicks series, which has previously seen contributions from Annie, Four Tet, Henrik Schwarz, and others.

The boys have shown us a thing or two about the kind of music they’re capable of making in the last year. With Coming on Strong, fans heard lyrical musings about Kraft dinners and Stevie Wonder laid over mellow beats and tinkling bells. The Warning gave us a far more uptempo, dancefloor friendly album that was anything but laid back, and within a mere 12 months the group found themselves playing sold-out shows and being hailed as one of the hottest bands making music.

Asked to cite the musical influences that helped make all this possible and the guys will name everyone from New Order to Ray Charles to Anti-Pop Consortium and Will Oldham. “We thought pop music should be more imaginative than it is at the moment,” they say, “that it should affect you and inspire you.”

Thus, Hot Chip delivers a mix of tracks that inspire them for the latest edition of !K7’s DJ mix series, and the most jaded of ex-ravers will be smiling at this selection of jumpy tunes that are a little disco, a little hip-hop, a little pop, and always dancefloor worthy. Should ensure the guys won’t have to resort to those aforementioned Kraft dinners anytime soon.

DJ Kicks: Hot Chip is out May 21, 2007 on !K7.

1. Grovesnor “Nitemoves”
2. Positive K “I Got A Man”
3. Gramme “Like You”
4. Subway “Persuasion”
5. Soundhack “B1”
6. Tom Zé “Cademar”
7. Hot Chip “My Piano (DJ-Kicks)”
8. Wax Stag “Short Road”
9. New Order “Bizarre Love Triangle (Shep Pettibone Extended Remix)”
10. Young Leek -“Jiggle It”
11. Etta James & Sugar Pie DeSanto “In The Basement, Part One”
12. Black Devil Disco Club “On Just Foot”
13. Dominik Eulberg “Der Buchdrucker”
14. Grauzone “Film 2”
15. This Heat “Radio Prague”
16. Wookie “Far East”
17. Gabriel Ananda “Doppelwhipper (Live)”
18. Marek Bois “You Got Good Ash”
19. Lanark “The Stone That The Builder Rejected”
20. Pete Um “The Man’s Got Me Beat”
21. Nôze “Love Affair”
22. Audion “Just Fucking (Roman Flügel’s 23 Positions In A One-Night Stand Remix)”
23. Joe Jackson “Steppin’ Out”
24. Ray Charles “Mess Around”