The Hot Chip boys tend to pop up all over the place, whether it’s remixing the greats of hip-hop, crafting exclusive tracks, making cameos on numerous artist albums, or touring the world over, like, every other month. But despite such workaholism and hectic scheduling, the five-piece electro-pop outfit still found time to announce yet-another project before 2008 wrapped.

Hot Chip will release a new, limited-edition EP on January 27 that will be available at a select number of independent record stores. The band collaborated with avant-jazz legend and fellow Brit, Robert Wyatt, for the new release, as well as old friends Geese.

Bookmark December 19 (tomorrow) as the day to download two tracks off the EP via Hot Chip’s site.

01 Made in the Dark (with Robert Wyatt)
02 Whistle for Will (with Robert Wyatt)
03 We’re Looking for a Lot of Love (with Robert Wyatt and Geese)
04 One Pure Thought (remixed by Geese)