Many months after the release of its fourth full-length album, UK geek-pop group Hot Chip (pictured above) has announced a forthcoming EP of remixes, appropriately called We Have Remixes. The four-song disc contains reinterpretations from producers Todd Edwards, Caribou, Osborne, and Hot City, each working with a separate tune from One Life Stand. Joe Goddard of Hot Chip says of the selected remixers, “These are some of our favourite producers, people that we have been following for years and have been friends with for years as well in some cases.” But even if you’re not a good friend of the band’s, you can take a quick and easy stab at toying with their latest single, “I Feel Better,” via Hot Chip’s Facebook page. Check out the full track details for We Have Remixes before it’s released September 7, below.

01. Hand Me Down Your Love (Todd Edwards Micro Chip Remix)
02. We Have Love (Hot City Remix)
03. Brothers (Caribou Remix)
04. Take It In (Osborne Remix)