Hot City (pictured above) recently announced a slew of upcoming releases on Moshi Moshi and now we’ve been treated to a full track from the first EP, “Something Bout.” Additionally, DJ Benz of Hot City has unveiled a separate project, Broken Youth, which just released a new single of its own, “Dreamer.” Hot City’s “Something Bout,” which is streaming below, is a rave-spiked, ’90s-influenced house number with plenty of the hip-swerving breaks and twists you’d expect from the UK duo. Out on May 14, the EP will include another track, “4 U.” As for DJ Benz and his Broken Youth project, the newly formed duo—which also includes Sam Tee—is devoted to celebrating the pair’s shared past, a time filled with “hazy smoke-filled rooms, bass-heavy beats, and all-weekend partying.” Its first release, “Dreamer,” is out now on New State Music and reworks Livin’ Joy’s ’90s classic “I’m a Dreamer”; stream the track below.