Rave-obsessed UK house duo Hot City (a.k.a. DJ Haus and Benz) has just released two original tracks for free download, which happened to arrive at the same time as a new video interview with DJ Haus. The duo has apparently been keeping busy these days, with DJ Haus recently dropping his Tales from the Darkside mix on Just Jam (you can check that out here) and the pair working on its new album. Ahead of that record, Hot City churned out “E.S.P.” and “I Like It Raw,” a couple of throw-back, techno/acid-leaning jams that will transport anyone who listens straight into a ’93 warehouse rave. Like DJ Haus mentions in his interview, there is a noticeable difference in the quality of sound when a DJ transitions from an old house tune to a new house tune, and, owing to his commentary, it seems like these tunes were born out of a void of high-quality-but-classic-sounding “bangers.” You can preview both tracks and watch DJ Haus’ interview with FACT below; head over here to download the acid-heavy “E.S.P.” and get your hands on the bright and trancey “I Like it Raw” here.