London-duo, Alex Jones and Christopher Spero (aka Dense & Pika) have released a new compilation today via Hotflush Recordings titled: Update.

The duo, who originally teamed up in 2011, have released a multitude of records on the UK imprint since being signed by Hotflush label-boss Scuba, five years ago.

The Update compilation features 10 original tracks by the pair and includes two remixes by George FitzGerald and Grain.

View the tracklisting in full below.

1. Colt (George FitzGerald remix)
2. Airless (Grain remix)
3. Bad Ink
4. Lack Of Light
5. 31
6. Crispy Duck
7. Vomee
8. Colt
9. Black Deep
10. Move Your Body Back
11. Wandering Hands
12. Crackling

Update was released today via Hotflush Recordings.