The brute force of London techno duo Dense & Pika will be on display once more, when the pair’s third EP for Scuba’s Hotflush label drops next month. Colt finds the pair experimenting with an expanded palette of sounds—the title track employs a warm piano figure that hints at a newfound sensitivity, whereas “Black Deep” and “Vomee” push dense percussive workouts and dubby stabs into the foreground. “Airless (Live)” closes out the EP in a frenzied, one-take rave-up, employing live percussionists, woodwinds, and a host of modular synthesizers. Dense & Pika’s Colt EP is set for release on October 28, but in the meantime, can be previewed below.

A1 – Colt
A2 – Black Deep
B1 – Vomee
B2 – Airless (Live)