Hotflush has welcomed an exciting young artist, PYUR, along with her singular debut LP Epoch Sinus.

Growing up in Munich, in and amongst the same fecund scene that spawned artists like the Zenker Brothers and Skee Mask, PYUR spent her younger years learning the guitar and singing before she discovered the electronic world’s endless scope for sound design. Endowed with innately strong synaesthesia and reared in a shamanic household, she tells how music “played the biggest role in my growth. It alone had the purpose to help me dissolve boundaries, discover the beauty of life’s mechanisms, create freely. It talked. Soon I felt like the music was making me, not the other way round.”

The album is accompanied by a video piece for each track, translating the sonic messages into a visual body. Her goal was to show as accurately as possible what she felt during the making process of Epoch Sinus, to put the music into context and make it more accessible for the public. Light, water, reflections and colors of nature all feature strongly in these distinctive visions.

“Music showed me that, in the sweet spot between nothingness and existence, one is empowered to fully understand energetic connections and able to initiate extraordinary transformations through all grids and layers of self. Especially now at this time music has the enormous potential and responsibility to become a transformative entity, providing truthfulness and support.”


01. Epoch Sinus I
02. A Tree
03. Agape I
04. The Field
05. Allness
06. 5th Dimension
07. Epoch Sinus II

In advance of Epoch Sinus’ October 28 release, the video for “A Tree” is available so stream in full below.