Houndstooth will release more remixes for Second Storey‘s 2017 album, Lucid Locations.

Lucid Locations—The Remix Album follows on from this month’s Lucid Reworks, a vinyl-only EP effort with two remixes by Marcel Dettmann, Radioactive Man, and The Exaltics. All of these—barring Dettmann’s Negative Remix of “No Such Location”—feature on this new digital-only release, with Appleblim, Machine Woman, DeFeKT, Nastia, Or:la, 214, Shelley Parker, and Broken Satellite also contributing.


01. Second Storey “Moesha Moved To Margate” (Radioactive Man Remix)
02. Second Storey “Manhattan To Moscow” (214 Remix)
03. Second Storey “Covehithe” (Shelley Parker Remix)
04. Second Storey “Offbeat World” (Appleblim Remix)
05. Second Storey “Ajunlei 8” (The Exaltics Remix)
06. Second Storey “Acute Angles” (Machine Woman Rework)
07. Second Storey “Whatever You May Be” (Or:la Remix)
08. Second Storey “No Such Location” (Marcel Dettman Positive Remix)
09. Second Storey “Barrel Roll” (DeFekt Remix)
10. Second Storey “No Such Location” (Broken Satellite VIP)
11. Second Storey “Dartmoor Four” (Nastia Remix)

Lucid Locations—The Remix Album will land on February 23, with 214’s remix of “Manhattan To Moscow” streaming below.