London-based Houndstooth has released a psychedelic new video for the first track from Vester Koza‘s new OTR EP, “OT_R~cord [4.10].” The video was produced by sound and visual artist, Sarah Hammond. 

Conceptually, the visuals cover many of the themes present in the EP, namely those of privacy, personal security, and mass surveillance. The source footage itself—which Hammond explains was put through a pixel-sorting algorithm that “visually encrypted” recognizable forms—was animated from personal artwork and provides a dynamic contrast to superimposed analog shapes placed throughout the video.

Stylistically, the track finds Koza exploring new territory, ranging from IDM-inspired glitch patterns to fuzzy ambient soundscapes. The EP can be purchased via Houndstooth’s site here on vinyl, MP3, and WAV.

View the video in the player below.

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View on Vimeo here.