Now that R&B craftsman Tom Krell’s (a.k.a. How to Dress Well) “What is This Heart?” LP officially saw its release via the Weird World label last week, the artist has unveiled the final piece of his eerie and heart-wrenching video trilogy. After initially showing the series’ protagonists grappling with love and death in the first installment with a video for “Repeat Pleasure”—which was followed by the young couple’s struggle to properly say goodbye to their deceased loved one in the trilogy’s second segment set to the dark, trudging “Face Again”—the tortured lovers at last find their release in the final chapter. Set to the hopeful and upbeat “Childhood Faith in Love,” the third installation (again directed by Johannes Greve Muskat) features the dazed pair stumbling around a dusty and desolate landscape before finding solace in a handful of gas station snacks. The feverish duo then proceed to erotically devour the meal as if it were their last. The full video for “Childhood Faith in Love” can be viewed below.