Jonnine will present her solo debut EP, Super Natural, later this month.

We’re told that the release carries the refinement of the Australian vocalist’s work with HTRK, regulars on the Ghostly International label. With this EP, a creative block was overcome after years of being urged by her therapist to forge a solo musical identity. It began with a first attempt to play her brother’s broken stringed guitar, unused since 2001, and became these four songs. She wrote and recorded it in Puerto Maldonado, Peru, Big Island, Hawaii, and Dandenong Ranges, Australia

Jonnine’s songs swim in part-spoken, part-sung suspension, and sophisticated wordplay amid languorous instruments. She imagined the album as a soundtrack to the surreal Venice-set feature film she and Zebrablood “are destined to one day make together,” and it’s a testament to eight years of friendship and musical collaboration. We’re told that it has a “chimeric” quality, and “like any good thriller,” it’s “pulsing with potential but paced with restraint.”


A1. You’re Wanting It To Go This Way
A2. I Don’t Seem Myself Tonight
B1. You Can Leave The Vampires
B2. Scorpio Rises Again

Super Natural is out October 24 on Good Morning Tapes.