Jonnine Standish from HTRK and Lawrence English have released new albums via Boomkat Editions.

Boomkat Editions reached out to Standish, from Melbourne, Australia, to ask for some music and she ended up sending in what is essentially a nine-track album of new songs featuring herself on bass guitar, a Mopho synth, a wave drum, and an electric wind instrument, plus her vocals, clicks, and garden chimes. Standish recorded it in Kallista, Australia in Spring 2020, and it features contributions from Conrad Standish and mixing by Tarquin Manek. The record comes accompanies by an eight-panel insert plus an instant download of the release dropped to your account.

Late last year, Standish released Super Natural, her debut solo record as Jonnine via French label Good Morning Tapes.

Lawrence English, also from Australia, recorded Field Recordings From The Zone in the aftermath of a summer of intense bushfires and just as the lockdown started. We can expect almost an hour of “heart-stopping location recordings” from “The Zone,” a place “we find ourselves in right now, where we just might still have time to reshape the world around us if we pause to acknowledge and address our own actions.”

“Sometimes, we need to stop (everything) if we are going to start to realise new ways of being in this world,” English tells XLR8R. “Field Recordings from The Zone is a contemplation of this proposition.”

Manchester record store Boomkat launched Boomkat Editions in 2012 as “an occasional series of diverse releases pressed up in limited runs and not tied down to any particular genre.” Previous contributions have come from HTRK, Beatrice Dillon, and Lorenzo Senni, among others. You can read more about the series here.


Blue Hills LP

01. The Tides Do That With Me Jonnine
02. Can You Get Me There
03. I Chase You Like Light On A Sundial
04. I Feel Like I’m In A Film
05. Blue Hills
06. Serum 1
07. Serum 2
08. Red Stalks
09. Let The Waves Roll

Field Recordings From The Zone LP

01. Know Your Exit
02. The Other Side Of Knowing
03. The Only Way Out Is In
04. I Thought I Heard You Call
05. The Picnic

Blue Hills and Field Recordings From The Zone are available now on cassette tape. You can stream them over here and here, where you can also order.