Photo | Jesse Lirola

Hudson Mohawke has released Poom Gems, a new mixtape-style compilation.

With the release of Poom Gems, Mohawke, real name Ross Birchard, continues a hot streak of releases dating back to his Heart of the Night EP, made of sought-after vocal edits. Most recently, he shared B.B.H.E., a similar mixtape-style compilation.

With quarantine compelling everyone to rethink their lives and choices, Mohawke has been questioning why he’s been hoarding this stuff. “I feel like it was weighing me down to not actually have this stuff be available officially anywhere,” he says.

The record is one of multitudes: opener “All I Need,” a hyperactive sugar rush burst, overlaps with the signature Mohawke sounds of “Solstice Izo.” As with B.B.H.E., there are surprises: closing track “things you do” sounds like a lost happy-hardcore track, while “Sweet Silverskin” is imbued with a sense of glitchy experimentation.


01. All I Need
02. Solstice Izo
03. Solesaft
04. Need U Here
05. Hands of Time
06. Schmurgen
07. Sweet Silverskin
08. Vitalize
09. Behind A Frozen Waterfall
10. Hoiarp
11. Foam Finger
12. Sequon
13. Things You Do

Poom Gems is available now on Warp. You can buy it here, with a full stream below.