Scion, the Toyota sub-brand that understands hip-hop is all about advertisement and youth-oriented product positioning, is once again justifying its existence within the genre (considering that hip-hoppers don’t actually, you know, buy Scions). But this time around, the company is doing something that should have been done a long time ago: Making a documentary about Biz Markie.

The 22-minute film, called Stomping Grounds, takes the Biz back to his old Long Island neighborhood and follows him as he revisits old haunts, relays stories about how he came up back in the day, and traces his development from childhood through his beginnings in the music business. No word if Biz takes the camera crew to his second house–the one that stores all his collectibles–and shows off his “Take Me to the Mardi Gras” 12″ that starts with the drums, but hope springs eternal.

The short film has already been making the rounds at various film festivals, though no date has been set for release to the general public. (YouTube, holla!).