Hunter/Game have presented Silence, a 10-track LP exploring free-form structures, meditative soundscapes, and avant-garde compositional techniques. 

Silence follows a series of EPs and 2016’s album debut that have consolidated the Milan duo’s position as a crucial voice in the realm of experimental techno. It’s described as a spiralling voyage into the depths of blissful ambience and visceral melancholy. “By treading the line between light and dark, Hunter/Game create vast, peculiar sonic worlds, allowing the imagination to wander to the outer reaches of the corporeal,” the label explains. 

Silence could be considered a departure from the duo’s more dancefloor-focused productions, but it remains concerned with exploring the same strands of minimalism, ambience, and tension that can be traced through their discography. Floating pads are left to drift out into a sea of effects, with swirling melodic leads and hypnotic distortions. Unlike much of their previous work, however, vocals feature a number of times. 

The album will be followed by a remix EP. Radio Slave turns “Dead Soul” into a marching ground of melodic techno; Inland breathes robotic life into “Crashed Sounds,” and Wrong Assessment levitate “Fragments” over murky waters. Closing off the vinyl is Jamaica Suk’s restructuring of “Reaction.”

Tracklisting, Silence

01. The Island (Silence Version) 

02. Crashed Sounds (Silence Version)

03. Silver (Silence Version)

04. Landscape (Silence Version)

05. Second Floor (Silence Version)

06. Tree Of Life (Silence Version)

07. Memories (Silence Version)

08. Reaction (Silence Version)

09. Evolution (Silence Version)

10. Dead Soul (Silence Version)

Tracklisting, Silence Remixes

A1.  Dead Soul (Radio Slave Remix) 

A2.  Crashed Sounds (Inland Remix) 

B1. Fragments (Wrong Assessment Remix) 

B2. Reaction (Jamaica Suk Remix)

Digital 1. Evolution (Vessels Remix)

Digital 2.  Reaction (Jamaica Suk Floor Mix)

Digital 3. Memories (Scissor Remix) 

Silence is available now with Silence Remixes landing June 7, both via Just This