Emmanuele Nicosia and Martino Bertola (better known as Hunter/Game) have prepped their debut album, which will be released via Kompakt during February next year.

Following on from two Speicher EPs released through the imprint earlier this year, Hunter/Game return to Kompakt for their debut album. Adaptation promises more of the same dramatic techno sound they are known and loved for, which led them to be picked up by labels like Innervisions and Last Night On Earth. It was recorded during a retreat from the hot Milanese summer to a deserted resort in the Dolomite Alps, where they found inspiration for the recording in long, lonely walks through the mountains. In their words, “It just has this profound impact on you, seeing a place that you only know bustling with human activity uncovered and naked, realizing to what extent human presence has somehow contaminated that piece of nature.”

Adaptation will be available as a double vinyl, CD and digitally. Kompakt are giving away “The Path,” a track from the album, for free until Monday.