Huntleys + Palmers sister label Highlife is set to release a trio of EPs under the Highlife World Series title. The collaborative releases will find Brian D’Souza (a.k.a. Auntie Flo) and Esa recording in collaboration with local musicians from various parts of the world in which the pair have recently found themselves. The first installment of the series—the four-track Highlife World Series: Cuba EP—is said to have been recorded in old town Havana with local musicians the pair met while in the country to perform at the inaugural Havana World Music Festival in February 2014.

The second and third releases under the Highlife World Series banner will be entitled Kenya and Uganda, and will apparently also see the light of day in the very near future. According to the Highlife label, “all proceeds from each release will be sent back to the respective countries in order to fund further musical production costs in years to come. We will also be seeking various ways to distribute the music in each country so the music is freely available for the musicians to use at home.” Previews of all four tracks from the Cuba installment of the series can be streamed via the player below ahead of the EP’s official release on March 9.